Fukuoka City Guide 福岡

Fukuoka City Guide 福岡

Facts About Fukuoka

  • Location: North West of Kyushu Island.
  • Fukuoka is Japan’s 8th most populated city, with 2 million inhabitants. It is the largest city in Kyushu.
  • Being a large city really close to the Asian Mainland has made Fukuoka an important port city. However, its closeness to the mainland resulted in being targeted by the Mongol forces for an invasion in the 13th century.
  • Fukuoka is the result of a fusion between the Harbor City of Hakata and the Castle Town of Fukuoka in 1889. However, the name of Hakata is still widely used.

Main Districts

  • Nakasu: Biggest entertainment district in Western Japan with more than 2000 restaurants and bars with a Promenade along the Naka River.
  • Nishiku: Beautiful beaches such as the famous Futamigaura with its clear blue water, wedded rocks and white Torri in the water.
  • Tenjin: Business and entertainment area.

Top Attractions

  • Shofukuji Temple: This temple is Japan’s first Zen Temple
  • Kushida Shrine: Popular and impressive Shrine.
  • Hakozaki Shrine: One of the most important shrines in this part of Japan
  • Atago Shrine
  • Futamigaura beach: Beautiful beach little known to tourists. Famous because of its wedded rocks and white torii in the sea.
  • Keya no Oto Cave: a 64-meter-high basalt cave reachable by boat between April to November.
  • Atago Shrine: This shrine is on top of the Mount Atago and apart from the beautiful shrine itself, you will be able to enjoy an impressive view of the Hakata Bay.
  • Nanzoin Temple: 24min away from Fukuoka. Huge Buddha statue laying on the ground.

Best Places to Go Out

  • Canal City: Also called “City within a city” this shopping complex is made of 250 shops, theatre, game centre, cinemas, two hotels as well as a canal running through it.
  • Uminonakamichi: large sandbar with its park “Uminonakamichi Seaside Park” which is a riot of color with gardens.

What to Eat

  • Hakata Ramen: The most popular type of ramen in Japan and in the world. Bones from every part of pigs make the soup, served with thin and straight noodles
  • Mentaiko: Mentaiko originally come from Busan in Korea after WWII. Mentaiko is basically spicy pollock fish’ roe, usually served over rice in izakaya (Japanese pubs).
  • Motsunabe: Nabe is a hot pot and this one is made of beef or pork giblets cooked in a soy sauce or miso broth. Then, garlic, chives and chili pepper are added into the hot pot. You can also add some rice at the end of the meal so that you can make it into a sort of porridge.
  • Hakata Udon or Goboten Udon: This dish is made of a bonito, sardines, kombu kelp and dried seaweed broth with Udon noodles. Green onions, burdock root are common toppings.
  • Mizutaki: hot pot dish with jidori chicken. The meat is cooked in a broth with green onions and vegetables. The ponzu sauce is added at the end.
  • Yatai (street food stall): Very popular food stalls

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